Published Event

Triggers an event for entries when they are published

Installation #

To install Published Event, follow these steps:

  1. Download & unzip the file and place the publishedevent directory into your craft/plugins directory
  2. -OR- do a git clone directly into your craft/plugins folder. You can then update it with git pull
  3. -OR- install with Composer via composer require sjelfull/publishedevent
  4. Install plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings > Plugins
  5. The plugin folder should be named publishedevent for Craft to see it. GitHub recently started appending -master (the branch name) to the name of the folder for zip file downloads.

Published event works on Craft 2.4.x and Craft 2.5.x.

Checking for published elements #

To check for any elements that has been published, you have to run either the console command or controller action at the interval you need, for example from a cron job.

Run ./craft/app/etc/console/yiic publishedEvent OR

Make a request to the action publishedEvent/check:

curl --silent

The publishedEvent.onPublished event #

Other plugins can be notified when a pending entry has been published.

class SomePlugin extends BasePlugin
    // ...

    public function init()
        craft()->on('publishedEvent.onPublished', function (PublishedEvent $event) {
            $entry = $event->params['entry'];

            // Do something with the $entry


1.0.2 — 2017-03-06 Download
  • Improved: Cleanup
1.0.1 — 2017-03-05 Download
  • Added: Added console command
  • Improved: Renamed checkElements action to check
1.0.0 — 2017-03-04 Download
  • Added: Initial release

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